Epic 2 – Draconic Dreams is Now Live!

Hello heroes!

Less than a month has passed since the first big update of the game (Epic 1 – Towa Menace). But we just published the second update: Epic 2 – Draconic Dreams!

⬆️ Level Limit 40

If you considered attaining the prior level limit of 30 to be an extraordinary accomplishment, get ready to be even more astounded. The thrilling expedition you’ve undertaken is on the verge of becoming even more thrilling as we joyfully reveal the elevation of the level cap to an astonishing 40!

⭐Classes 3-1 and 3-2 are now available!

To follow the new level cap you will be able to go even further on your class path. Visit our classes page under guides to get to know all the options you have.

👹New dungeons: Towa Palace, Dragon’s Cave and Dragon’s Keep

The Towa enemies presents a new challenge for those who beat Towa Haunt: Towa Palace will be filled with stronger monsters and new bosses to face.

Also, dragons arrived to the world of Edda. In the two new dungeons, Dragon’s Cave and Dragon’s Keep, you will be able to fight all kinds of the new menace, while they prepare the path for an even terrifier force.

⚔️2nd Tier of the Sacred War level ranges changed to 20-40

In the constantly evolving landscape of strategic warfare and partnerships, a fresh chapter emerges as we adjust the level brackets for the second tier (20-40)!

🛡️Boost to unique and rares equipments*

To make rare and unique equipments more valuable than the regular ones, we boosted all their base stats by 20%.

🔵Reduction of mana consumption by all classes*

Following the positive reception of reduction of mana consumption by all the mage classes, all the other characters will be able to experience the same joy! Spending less Mana Potions during their adventure.

* To be fully applied this weekend.

Have fun!