Hypit Cave

The Hypit Cave dungeon is a challenging and intriguing environment, known for its complexity and numerous dangerous creatures. Located in a dark and mysterious setting, the cave is inhabited by various formidable monsters and bosses, each representing a unique challenge for adventurers.

The winding corridors and dark chambers of Hypit Cave require skill and cunning to avoid or overcome because of the monsters inside. Players must be vigilant, as the slightest distraction can result in a fatal death.

However, for those who overcome all obstacles, Hypit Cave holds valuable treasures and powerful rewards, making it a risky but potentially rewarding quest for fearless heroes.


Hypit Minor

Hypit Worker

Hypit Consultant

White Kelpie

Fire Kelpie

Hypit Work Man

Thunder Kelpie


Loan Shark Hypit

Loan Shark Minion

Loan Shark Second Brother

Loan Shark Third Brother

Wicked Boss the Eldest (Party)

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