Here, you will find a comprehensive list of the Dungeons available in the game, each offering a unique and challenging experience. Explore the details of each Dungeon, from the quests to the types of rewards you can obtain.

Different items are available in each dungeon, additionally, more rewards can be obtained by completing a dungeon in solo or group mode to open a Secret Pathway.

The rewards are always 1 box, but the type of box changes depending on your score in the dungeon. Want a tip? The group mode boxes are better.

First Dungeon Quest

Head to the Dimension Goddess located at the bottom middle of Gaiyan Town to review rewards and quest details in your quest log (press “L” to access).

Upon reaching the Dimension Goddess, press the spacebar or click her to open the dungeon menu: there, you can select your desired dungeon, see the number of players in your group (or not, case you prefer to play in solo mode), and the chapter of the dungeon.

Once you’ve confirmed your choices and inserted a coin, click “Enter Dungeon” to be transported inside. Inside the dungeon, you’ll see a timer at the bottom right of the screen; aim to complete the dungeon quickly to earn higher ranks and better rewards. You can exit the dungeon anytime by clicking the exclamation point near the timer.

List of All Dungeons

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