Below you can check your character’s attributes and what their effect is:

  • Strength (Força): Affects Absolute Physical Attack, which ignores the target’s Physical Defense.
  • Intellect (Inteligência): Affects absolute magic attack, which ignores the target’s magic defense.
  • Will (Vontade): Affects absolute physical defense, which reduces incoming physical damage.
  • Wisdom (Sabedoria): Affects absolute magic defense, which reduces magic damage taken.
  • Accuracy (Acurácia): Affects the accuracy of your attacks/skills.
  • Evasion (Evasão): Affects chance to dodge attacks/skills.
  • Critical (Crítico): Affects the chance to deal critical damage.
  • Attack Spd. (Vel. Ataque): Affects the speed and casting time of your attacks/skills.