Play and Earn

If you play the game every day you are eligible to earn prizes! Our “Play and Earn” system (or login rewards, daily rewards) automatically add multiple items to your Item Basket depending on how long have you been playing:

Consecutive DaysItem NameQuantity
1Health Potion Pack (10) *1
2Mana Potion Pack (10) *1
3Evasion Potion 20%1
4Critical Potion 20%1
5Magical Defense Potion 20%1
6Physical Defense Potion 20%1
7Platinum Coin1
8Exp Recovery Stone3
9Beauty Shop All In-One Coupon1
10Exp Recovery Stone1
11Fashion Lucky Box5
12Downgrade Protection Gloves1
13Platinum Coin2
14Enchant Crystal1
15Wind Powder Pack (10)1
16Upgrade Protection Gloves1
17Item Break Rate Reducer1
18Pet Lucky Box1
19Mount Lucky Box1
20Ore Pack *1

* Item kind corresponds to the strongest character in the account. Potion from I to V. Ores from Copper to Titanium

After the 20th day, the list resets, but you earn the double of the items. Reach the 20th again, you earn the triple and so on.

Your account needs to be connected for at least 20 minutes each day to be eligible.