The Elder Hourglass: Epic 4 brings a renewed and exciting gaming experience to players. With a host of new features, content, and improvements, this update promises to take the epic adventure to a new level. Players can expect to encounter brand-new challenges, new areas to explore, powerful abilities to master, and much more.

Level Limit 55

With the new level cap increase, players can further develop their characters, unlocking new abilities and taking on more difficult challenges.

Worlds Bosses (Earn extra GP)

The inclusion of World Bosses adds an exciting dimension to the game, allowing players to team up in epic battles against powerful creatures and receive generous rewards, including additional GP.

Sacred War Maps Level Range Changes

With the changes to the level ranges of the Holy War maps, players can expect a more balanced and competitive experience during these intense PvP events.

EXP Boost on New Maps

The new maps come with an EXP boost, meaning players can progress faster as they explore these new areas and take on the challenges they encounter.

New Steam Achievements

For achievement collectors, the update brings new achievements to unlock on Steam, offering players additional objectives to pursue and exclusive rewards to unlock.

This Elder Hourglass: Epic 4 update promises to renew and enrich player’s experience in Legend of Edda: Pegasus, offering new challenges, rewards, and opportunities to explore the game world!

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