Sanctuary of Frozen Time

The Sanctuary of Frozen Time dungeon is a mysterious and enchanting place where the flow of time itself seems to stand still. Hidden deep within a secluded and ancient forest, this sanctuary is enveloped in an aura of timelessness, offering a surreal and challenging experience for adventurers.

The Sanctuary of Frozen Time is characterized by its ethereal beauty, with crystalline structures and frozen waterfalls creating a mesmerizing landscape. The dungeon is guarded by powerful guardians and mystical creatures that draw their strength from the sanctuary’s temporal anomalies.

Adventurers venturing into the Sanctuary of Frozen Time must navigate its labyrinthine paths, the air is thick with an eerie stillness, and each step feels both heavy with history.

Yet, for those who can overcome its trials, the sanctuary offers rewards. Hidden within its frozen depths, promising a great adventure to those who unlock their secrets.

Thus, the Sanctuary of Frozen Time stands as a testament to the mystical and perilous wonders of the world of Legend of Edda: Pegasus, beckoning adventurers to explore its timeless mysteries and claim its treasures.


Hell Frozen Knight

Giant Frozen Knight

Destroying Ice Witch

Blood Snow Crystal


Evil Frozen Fighter

Mad Ice Witch

Evil Ice Witch


Ice Queen Deidamia

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