Towa Palace

The Towa Palace dungeon stands as a majestic yet perilous stronghold, embodying grandeur and danger in equal measure. Nestled within a realm of fantastical architecture and mystical ambiance, this dungeon serves as a formidable challenge for daring adventurers.

Towa Palace boasts a regal and opulent design, ornate corridors adorned with intricate motifs, and lavish furnishings. However, beneath its majestic facade lies a realm fraught with peril, as the palace is teeming with formidable foes and cunning traps.

Explorers venturing into Towa Palace must navigate its labyrinthine halls, facing off against various powerful adversaries ranging from fierce guardians to cunning traps. Each chamber presents a unique challenge, testing the courage and skill of those who dare to tread within its walls.

Thus, Towa Palace is a testament to the allure of adventure and the perils that await those who seek fortune and glory in this world.


Towa Guard

Todd Thrower

Red Towa Guard

Black Bandana Todd Guard

Todd Royal Guard

Dark Todd Royal Guard

Dark Todd Thrower

Todd Bodyquard

Towa Officer

Todd Assassinator

Todd Sniper

Todd Guard Leader

Dark Todd Sniper


Tsathoggua [Elite]

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