Summary Of Updates – Week 7

Hello heroes!

Here’s a list with all the recent changes:

💭 See Today’s Feelings Reworked

  • Reworked the feelings, now there are more useful options for players. (The Edda<3 will be changed from time to time throughout the year for special dates, events, happenings, etc.) Minor contrast improvements in chat and party mini view in guard mode.

⚔️ Dungeons Pages

  • Dungeons pages are available now on the website, check here.

🎮 Launcher Updated

  • Launcher bugs fixed: not closing with the client, not opening the Gamepad application
  • PAK files were re-included to reduce the client loading time (language files are still unpacked, and will be packed next).
  • Fixed an error when starting the client.

🌐 Server Removed

  • Medusa server (BR proxy) removed.

✉️ Items Updated

  • All Beauty Shop All-in-one Coupon should be fixed.

🐻 Bear Event

  • Honeycombs and jars icons fixed.
  • Change in drop rates for Honeycomb Dungeon in Frozen Prison; now, the drop is from monsters: Corrupted Ice Witch and Yeti Junior.
  • Information about the event is here.
  • Ranking Bear Event fixed.

✅ Prometheus Updated

  • Prom nerfed again.

🎂 Server Anniversary: New BGM and decorations

  • The Gaiyan map has been modified with server anniversary decorations!
  • New BGM: Anniversary music for Gaiyan Oly (alternates with the standard BGM)
  • New BGM: Anniversary music for Gaiyan Titan (alternates with the standard BGM)

🛠️ Craft Items

  • Craft items added to Karen merchant.

🆙 Classes Updated

  • The skills of all classes are being updated little by little on the website. Only the Rogue and Mage class (class 1) has been updated for now.

🧺 Changes to the Store

  • There is no longer an option for quantities, now products have a purchase limit of 1 at a time.

That’s it for these latest weeks. We will continue to work on other issues not mentioned here. You can see the progress on our development board.