Bonus Exp. for Secondary Characters

Welcome to the world of Legend of Edda: Pegasus! We’re excited to share a valuable tip on how to maximize experience for your alternate characters.

If you already have a powerful main character, it’s time to boost the development of your alternate characters! In Legend of Edda: Pegasus, we offer a unique experience bonus to facilitate the progress of secondary characters.

If your main character has reached the maximum level currently available, which is level 55, your alternate characters will enjoy a special bonus: Double Experience!

This means that each quest completed, monster defeated and challenge overcome will grant double experience to your alternate characters, significantly accelerating their growth.

Reach Level 50 with your Main Character: Make sure at least one of the characters on your account has reached maximum level.

Create an Alternate Character: Now that you have a strong hero, create a new character to explore different classes, skills and strategies.

Enjoy the Bonus: Automatically, your alternative characters will start receiving the double experience bonus. Take advantage of this advantage to accelerate the development of your entire team!

Share Items: Consider sharing useful items between your characters to strengthen your team as a whole.

Now that you are aware of this special bonus, go ahead and explore the possibilities that Legend of Edda: Pegasus offers to create a diverse and powerful team!

If you need more information or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.