Rules of Conduct

These rules are automatically accepted upon registration.

  1. No cheating: Any form of cheating or exploiting game mechanics for personal gain is strictly prohibited. Players found guilty of cheating will face consequences, including temporary or permanent suspension of their account.
  2. Respect other players: All players must be respectful towards each other. This includes avoiding hate speech, harassment, bullying, or any other behavior that could make other players feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.
  3. No hacking: Any attempt to hack into the game or modify game files is strictly prohibited and can result in immediate account suspension or even legal action.
  4. Obey the terms of service: Players must agree to and abide by the game’s terms of service. Failure to comply can result in suspension or termination of their account.
  5. Reporting bugs: Players are encouraged to report any bugs or glitches they encounter to the game’s support team. However, players are not allowed to exploit or abuse known bugs for personal gain.
  6. No account sharing: Players are not allowed to share their account details with anyone else. Doing so can result in suspension or termination of the account.
  7. No impersonation: Players are not allowed to impersonate game moderators or staff members. Any attempt to do so can result in disciplinary action.
  8. In-game economy: Any form of real-money trading or selling of in-game items is strictly prohibited. Players must earn in-game items and currency through legitimate gameplay methods.
  9. No spamming: Players are not allowed to spam the game’s chat or communication channels. Doing so can result in a temporary or permanent mute.
  10. No griefing: Players are not allowed to purposely disrupt gameplay for other players. This includes stealing other players’ items, blocking pathways, or intentionally sabotaging group quests.