Epic 1 – Towa Menace is Now Live!

Hello heroes!

Following our roadmap revealed last week, we just launched the first major update to the game: Epic 1 – Towa Menace. Here’s what is new:

⬆️ Level Limit 30

Great news for all you dedicated adventurers out there! If you thought reaching the previous level cap of 25 was a remarkable feat, prepare to be even more amazed. The journey you’ve embarked upon is about to become even more exhilarating as we proudly announce the expansion of the level cap to an impressive 30!

🏹 Changes to Archer CP Charge

Instead of charging CP while causing critical damage, Archers now will charge CP by using any damaging skill (just like most classes)! For a list of damaging skills, please visit the class page.

🧙‍♂️ Mana Cost Reduction for Mages+

In response to overwhelming feedback from the community, significant changes have been implemented in the magical realm. Mages, who have long been reliant on their arcane prowess to wield powerful spells, found themselves grappling with a frustrating issue – the exorbitant mana costs associated with their skills. This is now solved with the reduction of mana costs for all their skills by half.

👹 New Dungeon: Towa Haunt

Towa Haunt, shrouded in an aura of mystery, is nestled in a remote corner of the realm, accessible only to those brave enough to decipher its cryptic entrance. Rumors abound about the origins of this dungeon, with some speculating that it was crafted by ancient sorcerers seeking to test the limits of mortal mettle, while others believe it to be a manifestation of an otherworldly rift between dimensions.

The new dungeon is available for players that reach the level 28 (solo or in party mode).

⚔️ New Sacred War Maps & Schedule

In the ever-expanding realm of strategic warfare and alliances, a new phase unfolds with the introduction of a new Sacred War schedule (00:00 BRT) and a change in the level ranges (1-19 and 20-30)!

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