Frozen Prison

The Frozen Prison Dungeon stands as a chilling testament to both the beauty and the danger of the icy realm. Located deep within a frozen wasteland, this dungeon is shrouded in an eerie stillness.

The Frozen Prison is characterized by its stark and frigid beauty, with crystalline formations and frozen landscapes stretching as far as the eye can see. Amidst this icy splendor exist fearsome creatures that thrive in the cold.

Adventurers who dare to tread within the Frozen Prison must brave its icy depths, facing off against frostbitten foes and navigating treacherous terrain. The very air is thick with the chill of winter.

Yet, for those brave enough to endure its trials, the Frozen Prison offers great rewards. Hidden within its icy chambers are treasures, waiting to be claimed by those who prove themselves worthy.

Thus, the Frozen Prison stands as a stark reminder of the dangers that lurk in the icy wilderness, yet also as a beacon of opportunity for adventurers seeking fortune in this world.


Yeti Junior

Corrupted Ice Witch

Dancing Shamshir

Blood Wendigo

Frozen Hespa

Yeti Patrol

Frozen Knight

Blood Frozen Knight

Evil Frozen Fighter

Thornze Frozen Fighter

Heavy White

Skeleton Gladiator


Giant Frozen Knight

In easy and normal mode, there is no Elite Boss.

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