The world of Legend of Edda contains multiple classes. Each class has unique skills and attributes, for all types of players. Characters start with class 1, and after reaching level 20, they can choose between classes 2-1 or 2-2. Classes 3-1 and 3-2 are available upon reaching level 40.

Class 1Class 2Class 3
Fighter (Combatente)Swordsman (Espadachim)Champion (Campeão)
Warrior (Guerreiro)Barbarian (Bárbaro)
Mage (Mago)Cleric (Clérigo)Shaman (Xamã)
Wizard (Bruxo)Sorcerer (Feiticeiro)
Rogue (Ladino)Assassin (Mercenário)Dark Walker (Andarilho)
Archer (Arqueiro)Ranger (Patrulheiro)