Steam Updates

  • Epic 2.1 - Dragon Lord is Now Live!
    Hello heroes!The latest update for Legend of Edda: Pegasus, Epic 2.1 - Dragon Lord is available now!Some of the new stuff:πŸ‰Raid: Snow Dragon Pakeda: Prepare for an intense battle against the mighty Snow Dragon Pakeda! Team up with your friends and face this chilling challenge.*πŸ“œMain Quest XP Boost: Your journey…
  • Event: Last Days of HalloweenEvent: Last Days of Halloween
    Hello heroes!To celebrate the last days of the Halloween month, we have prepared an amazing surprise! Starting now, Edda will be blessed with a generous 20% experience/god bonus until the end of October! What's more, we are thrilled to introduce the long-awaited special costume, Reaper! πŸŽƒβœ¨ Get yours on our…
  • Update notes for October, 14th 2023
    Fixed launcher not starting
  • Update notes for October 9th, 2023
    Added Filipino language support. If you find mistranslations, report them on our #translations channel over Discord, please.
  • Update notes for October 8th, 2023
    God Merchant rework. You can now use your God Points to purchase: Enchant Crystals, Upgrade Protection Gloves, Downgrade Protection Gloves, Item Break Rate Reducers, Platinum Coins, 200000 Gold Boxes, EXP Potion +20% (3 Hour), God Boxes, Nomia's and Pathos' equipments (30 Day and permanent), White and Black Pegasus (30 Day…

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