Game Story

Zeus, the god of gods, banished Kronos and the Titans to the depths of the underworld, Tartarus. This episode is known as the Titanomachy.

Since then, the Titans have tried to find ways to escape and reclaim what was rightfully theirs.

In order for them to have any chance of success, they contacted the heroes.

Heroes lived among humans, but unlike them, most descended from gods. They had special powers and were seen as guardians of humanity.

Seeking revenge against the gods of Mount Olympus, the Titans approached the heroes to destroy Zeus. In return, the Titans offered them powers like their own.

The Olympians needed to act quickly to stand any chance against the mighty Titans. So they decided to use the same weapons: the heroes.

Zeus and the other Olympians offered the heroes immortality and a place among the gods for their valiant efforts. Since then, everything was in the hands of these great warriors.

The gods call heroes to war! Choose your alliance and prepare for battle!