Discover the Magic of Masks and Wings in Legend of Edda: Pegasus! 

Fearless adventurers, get ready! We’ve had a surprise update in the new mask category. These four exclusive items are available to all players directly in the game. Let’s explore them:

🎭 Big Nose Glasses (15 Days)

  • These glasses with a prominent nose are more than just a funny accessory; they’re a clever strategy. Imagine facing epic monsters with these glasses! The prominent nose distracts enemies, allowing you to attack by surprise. A combination of charm and cunning!

🎭Cat Mustache (15 Days)

  • Cats have always been mysterious and crafty. The Cat Mustache captures that essence. Use it to infiltrate dangerous places or simply create an intriguing persona. Besides, they say cats have spiritual connections. Who knows what secrets you’ll uncover while wearing this mask?

🎭Sleepy Glasses (15 Days)

  • A hero’s life is full of battles, but also moments of rest. The Sleepy Glasses are ideal for relaxing after an epic journey. With their slightly dark lenses, they protect your eyes from intense sunlight. And, let’s admit it, they also hide fatigue after a night of adventures!

🎭Gold Head Decoration (15 Days)

  • Nobles and leaders of Edda, take note! The Gold Head Decoration is a symbol of status and power. Adorned with golden details, this mask is worn at high-society parties, banquets, and important ceremonies. When you put it on, everyone knows you’re someone special.

In addition, we’ve included the following wing items:

Black Wing (15 Days)

  • Mysterious and imposing, Black Wings exude an air of mystery and power. Who knows what dark secrets you’ll uncover while wearing them?

White Wing (15 Days)

  • White Wings represent light and hope. Use them to inspire your teammates and spread courage in epic battles.

Don’t miss this opportunity! These items are like fragments of legends, and you can use them to create your own story in Edda. 🗡️✨


  • Item Mall Migration: Easily access the Item Mall without interrupting your adventure.
  • New Currency – Drachma: Obtain Drachma directly in the game. 1 USD = 80 Drachmas.
  • Same products, more convenience: all your favorite items are here, now just a click away. 👑🌟