19.90$ / month



Legend of Edda: Pegasus offers free access for players, allowing them to enjoy the game without any cost for as long as they desire. Nevertheless, for those who find joy in the game, there’s an option to enhance their experience by subscribing to Premium. By becoming a Premium player, you unlock extra abilities and benefits both within and beyond the game. Elevate your game adventure today and amplify the fun!

  • Permanent +20% EXP bonus (or 120% for secondary characters)
  • Permanent +20% GP bonus
  • Permanent +10% Drop bonus
  • 7 Bronze Coins to enter dungeons, every day (reset at midnight BRT, not stackable, always 7 avaiable for the whole day)
  • 1 Upgrade Success Crystal (5%) every month
  • 10% off in the entire Item Mall using the coupon PREMIUM10
  • Early access to new costumes, mounts and pets from the Item Mall (1 month). Hidden category available only for Premium players.

* Monthly rewards are given at the first day of the month.

** Rewards can change at any time for game balancing purposes. Check this page constantly.

*** Subscriptions can only be refunded if you did not use any of the perks yet.