Special Thanks from the Legend of Edda: Pegasus Community

Dear adventurers of Edda,

We reach out to you today with immense gratitude. The generosity and commitment of our community extend beyond the realms of Edda and touch hearts in need in the real world.

Throughout the month of May, every battle fought and every quest completed in “Legend of Edda: Pegasus” contributed to a greater cause. We are proud to announce that 100% of the profits raised, totaling USD 4.765,47, have been donated to GRAD and MTST to support the victims of the floods in Rio Grande do Sul.

You have proven that true bravery is revealed not only in epic journeys but also in the capacity to help others. Your heroic actions provided more than entertainment; they brought hope and assistance to those most in need.

Thank you for choosing to ride with us in “Legend of Edda: Pegasus” and for turning your achievements into acts of solidarity. Together, we will continue to forge legends and make a difference.

With sincere appreciation, Legend Of Edda: Pegasus