Summary Of Updates – Week 1

Hello heroes!

Here’s a list with all the recent changes:

📣 Launcher: Ascension Epic 5

  • Launcher updated.
  • Font changed.

📋 Some Topics Fixed

  • Fixed accessory bonuses.
  • Reduced movspeed of the 50+ set combo.
  • Removed movspeed and reduced Gow set stats.
  • Fixed crafting of rare accessories.
  • Fixed time coin NPC craft (not possible to acquire yet).

📍 EXP in all quests

  • EXP earned from all quests multiplied by 4.

✅ Daily quests

  • Daily quests are back.

🧌 Monsters

  • More monster spawns increased.
  • Removed invisible boss monster from Wailing Wall.
  • Reduced monsters attack power,

🪙 Bronze Coins

  • Earned bronze coins reverted to our previous setup (6 per day, 8 on weekends).

⏰ Play and Earn

  • Our custom “Play and Earn” system was deactivated. It will be replaced with the native version once we can make it work. No rewards will be given meanwhile.

📄 Character EXP Table

  • Character EXP table updated. Should be much easier to level past 30.

🔒 Party EXP Bonus

  • Party EXP bonus re-added (up to 360% more exp for a full party).

🆙 Item Upgrade

  • Item upgrade reworked following a new scheme (no more breaking, we will keep only up to +10 for now).

🪲 Bugs

  • Bug with Snow Dragon Pakeda skills fixed.

📈 Raids

  • The number of players in raids increased to 30.

That’s it for these latest weeks. We will continue to work on other issues not mentioned here. You can see the progress on our development board.