Summary of Updates – Week 40

Hello heroes!

Here’s a list with all the recent changes:

🍫 Event Chase Chocolate

  • You will be able to sell the chocolate event item now.
  • Additional monsters will drop the Chocolate event item. Check them out here.
  • Young Cavespiders drops fixed (they were not dropping chocolates).
  • Chocolate drop rate increased to 30%.
  • Chocolate sales value increased to 2k.

🧺 Daily Rewards

  • Login rewards are fixed.

📍 Quests Fixed

  • Class change quest from Mage to Wizard fixed.

⛑️ Supply Kit

  • Changed supply kit to help beginning players.

🛡️ Battle Pass Panel

  • EXP Recovery Stone will be stackable now when claimed using the Battle Pass panel.

🔀 Switching Factions

  • A delay reduced to 30 minutes was added to the faction switch form to avoid abuse (switching factions during the same war).
  • You will be expelled form your party if you’re not the leader when changing factions using the form.

🐶 Pets

  • Pets will now require half of the exp points to level up.
  • Pet skill descriptions fixed.
  • Blood Contract, Blood Solidarity, Soul Contract, and Spirit Sensor pet skills fixed.

🌿 Skill Changes

  • Nyx Cloak stats increase fixed.
  • Fixed description for Nyx Cloak.
  • Sword Draw skill added to Warriors (inherited from Fighters).
  • Advanced skill properly renamed (added II, III, IV as suffixes).

⚔️ Sacred Wars

  • More guardians (big ones) were removed from Sacred War maps.
  • Fixed missing guardians in the Sacred War of 1 AM (BRT)

⚗️ Buffs Potions

  • Buff potions were removed from dungeon boxes.

That’s it for these latest weeks. We will continue to work on other issues not mentioned here. You can see the progress on our development board.