Summary of Updates – Week 36

Hello heroes!

Here’s a list with all the recent changes:

🆙 Upgrade System/Server

  • Equipment upgrading system rates reworked. No item deletion will happen anymore. Chances to downgrade increased in compensation.
  • Launcher application signed. It should stop false positive warnings (antiviruses) + fixed an issue with resolution persistence.
  • New loading screens added.

🏷️ Item Mall Updates

  • Prices reduced for all the upgrading items on the Item Mall.
  • Reduced the prices of some packs of upgrade items.
  • New items added to the Item Mall: Book of Cross Class Change allow you to change to any class (of the same level), Gender Change Scroll allow you to change your character’s gender.
  • Upgrade Protection Gloves changed. It will reduce the breaking chance by 30% (just like Item Break Rate Reducer).
  • Added the duration bug information to the EXP potions (the time will be counted even when offline).
  • Upgrade and Downgrade Protection Gloves changed again. Upgrade will reduce the chance of failure by 30% (not breaking), Downgrade the chance of downgrading by 30%.
  • Another attempt to remove buff potion effects in wars.

🌿 Skill Changes

  • Updates to the Cyrene’s Instance skill: changed the icon, added description, fixed the second level effect.
  • Evasion Enhancement removed from Archer’s advanced classes.
  • Archer’s Focus reverted to the previous version with reduced range (700).
  • Wizard’s Ice Shield damage absortion increased closer to the previous skill description (absorb up to 3250 damage).
  • Fixed the Focus skill by excluding the immovable effect (it was left during the update).

🕳️ Cooldown

Back Step’s cooldown increased.

📍Quests Fixed

Fixed some other occurences of “Towa Haunt 2F” in quest text descriptions.

⚔️ Sacred Wars

  • No war ranking is required to use the god of war sets (30 days version) anymore.
  • Attempt to fix the “surprise war” from 00:00 BRT.
  • Elite Guardians removed from all Sacred Wars (the robotic ones).
  • Regular Guardians will be much stronger now (the human ones).
  • Sacred War G3 and G2 times updated/changed according to the community poll. New schedules here.

✅ Buffs for Alt Chars

  • The exp buff applied for alternative characters will also be applied to maxed characters now as well. This may benefit those who use it to level pets.

📜 Skill Description

Eyes of Oizys skill description fixed.

📝 Guild Buff Skill

EXP earned by the guild buff skill increased to 5%.

🐎 Mount Fixed

  • Fixed the movement speed of some paid mounts.
  • All Black Bear mounts replaced with the correct version (30 days). The permanent ones were given by mistake.

⛏️ Crafting System

  • You can now craft crafting materials on the Town Anvil.
  • We have a new crafting system using Universal Fragments. Crafting will require always the same fragments (differentiating by level), monsters will drop them instead of the specific ones. Also, potion crafting was fixed and new materials can be crafted.
  • All existing old fragments replaced with the new ones.
  • Materials for crafting accessories reworked.

That’s it for these latest weeks. We will continue to work on other issues not mentioned here. You can see the progress on our development board.