Summary of Updates – Week 34

Hello heroes!

Here’s a list with all the recent changes:

🚪 Automatic Login System

Added a login form for the auto login feature on the launcher. Upon placing your credentials, it will store them on the ini file to make it easier to login. Remember: do not use it on public computers!

🌿 Skill Changes

  • The Force Fix skill will now make enemies target you for up to 13s (you will have to wait the same time to cast again).
  • Assassin’s Blitz movement speed debuff fixed and changed (reduces the movement speed from 5% to 25%).
  • Assassin’s critical modifier reduced to 1.5 (like all the other classes).
  • The healed amount of Mage’s Heal skill under the effect of “Healing Touch” was fixed.
  • Heavy Armor Master bonus increased to match the skill description.
  • Vitality Enhancement skill effect increased to match the skill description.
  • Life Bud healing amount fixed (in Wars).

🏹 Archer’s Skill and Buff

  • Archers’ Evasion Enchancement skill was removed.
  • The new Archer buff is called Cyrene’s Instance and gives 5-10% movement speed/4-8% evasion, 2 levels.

📜 Skill Description

  • Fighter’s Pain Control skill description fixed.
  • Swordsman’s Pain Control II renamed (like this) to avoid confusion with the previous. Description also fixed.
  • Mage’s Meditation and Quick Heal skill descriptions fixed.
  • Elemental Blessing skill description fixed.
  • Poison skill description fixed.
  • Flashing Wind skill description fixed.
  • Shield Mastery skill description fixed.
  • Destruction Sphere skill description fixed.
  • Mana Energy (2) skill description fixed.

💻 Skill levels on the Website

Some skill levels fixed on the website + some skill names changed.

🕳️ Cooldown

  • Cleric+’s Warp cooldown time reduced for levels 8-10.
  • Ice Wall cooldown reduced to 60s. Duration increased to 25s.

🔥 Prometheus Updates

  • Prometheus reworked entirely. He now have summons and multiple skills.

⏰Play and Earn

  • “Play and Earn” system will now require at least 20 minutes of playtime per account.

📍 Quests Fixed

  • Class change quest fixed (Mage > Wizard).
  • Paladin quest description fixed.
  • Fighter Frogman quest description fixed.
  • Fixed class change quest descriptions for Sorcerer and Dark Walker.

⚔️ Sacred Wars

Physical and Magical Defense Potions effect removed from Sacred Wars.

⚡ EXP Doubled Lv 40

All quests for levels 40 and above had their earned EXP doubled.

📖 Faction Change

Free faction change information added to the faction selection screen.

💬 Chat Tips and Filter

New chat tips added and some words removed from our chat filter (those were impacting the Filipino community).

That’s it for these latest weeks. We will continue to work on other issues not mentioned here. You can see the progress on our development board.