Summary of Updates – Week 29

Hello heroes!

Here’s a list with all the recent changes:

📜 Steamless Version Dropped

Steamless Version will not be supported anymore. This is to increase our support for the Steam platform features.

🚪 Automatic Login System

A new Auto Login system is available on the new patch. If you create a file on your client folder named “user.ini” and put your credentials like:


And hit “Play” on the launcher, it will automatically access your account now. Never do it on public computers! This will be improved on a next patch (file generated automatically upon logging in directly on the launcher). And later this will be updated to allow everyone to play using Steam credentials

🌿 Skill Changes

  • Added a base heal value to the Life Bud skill
  • Ice Sphere I added to Shaman and Priest skill trees
  • Mana Energy description fixed on all languages.

🌁 Towa Palace

Fixed the Towa Palace daily quest descriptions (mentioned Haunt instead of Palace).

🔥 Prometheus Updates

  • Necklaces and rings added.
  • Prometheus equipments are now part of multiple sets (for each base class, and gives stats bonuses).
  • All Prometheus equipments were buffed.
  • Narak Creatures will now assist Prometheus during the raid, making things a bit difficult. Prometheus can also cause stun effect now.

⏰Play and Earn

  • Fix issues with Play and Earn. Items distributed are now correct, the items that were given wrong were left as compensation.
  • Ores earned from the system will be stacked now.

⚔️ Sacred War & Faction Changes

  • Sacred War queues were changed to allow up to 5 extra players on one side, this should make it easier to join them
  • A new system that will balance factions every hour is implemented. This should avoid issues with factions being locked into character creation

🏪 Restrictions Added to Some Item Mall Items

Storage Expansion, Inventory Expansion, Skill Reset Scroll, Book of Class Change and EXP Recovery Stone cannot be traded or sold anymore.

🐕 Pets Fixed

  • Fixed the pets White Baby Snow Dragon, Red Baby Snow Dragon, Toy Soldier, Toy Sergeant, Toy Master Sergeant, Sacrecrow Pete, Scarecrow Jack and Scarecrow Kitten, Easter Bunny, Black & Bridge Mohican Monkeys, Fairy, Fairy V, Blue Fairy, all the Chaus, Bombas and Piscos.
  • Some other broken pets (that cannot be fixed) were removed from the Lucky Pet box.
  • If your pet still appears differently (after installing the new patch, just published), let us know via ticket⁠, we may need to rebuild it.

🧛 New Capes

We created new capes just for the Prometheus new sets: Deucalion’s Mantle [P], Cape of The Everlasting Flame [P] and Holy Eagle’s Cloak [P]. All added to Prometheus Armor Chest.

🗄️ Website Database

Website database updated (

📈 Player Count on Steam Charts

Fixed the player count on Steam Charts (again), and the administrator priviledges not being asked on the launcher.

That’s it for these latest weeks. We will continue to work on other issues not mentioned here. You can see the progress on our development board.