Summary of Updates – Week 29

Hello heroes!

Here’s a list with all the recent changes:

πŸ“œ Hypit Groups Last Quest

Fixed the quest description for “Hypit Groups Last” (must be completed in party mode, not solo).

πŸ“¦ Lv. 38 Dungeons Boxes

Boxes for the lv. 38 dungeons reworked following this thread.

πŸ“– Subtitles/Languages

  • Fixed cutscenes subtitles.
  • Fixed tutorial language.

πŸ“· Camera Shaking

Removed camera shaking.

🐎 Mount Descriptions

Removed some mount descriptions to avoid confusion with the new speed bonus.

🐲 Snow Dragon Pakeda

  • Removed broken accessories from boxes.
  • Set bonus for the Mage equipments fixed.

πŸ›‘οΈ Nomia and Pathos Equip. Sets

Fixed bonuses for the Nomia and Pathos equipment sets.

πŸ”₯ Prometheus Changes

  • He is stronger now.
  • His drops were fixed.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Initial Maps

  • Fixed for the initial map
  • Starting maps will give double exp!

✏️ Fixed Some Skill Descriptions On The Website

  • Wolf Claw
  • Sword Dance
  • Fire Sphere

⬇️ Towa Haunt Level Reduced

Towa Haunt requirement level reduced to 25, allowing players to complete its daily quests.

πŸ₯Š Protection Gloves/Fashion Lucky Box

  • Added new packs for Upgrade Protection Gloves (10 and 20).
  • Added new packs for Fashion Lucky Box (10 and 20).

πŸ• Pets

  • New pet skills added to the God Merchant.
  • Updated all timed-items descriptions to mention the pet storage bug (the item time is reduced).

πŸ”ƒ Steamless Client

Steamless client version updated.

πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ Filipino Version

Multiple fixes to the Filipino version of the game.

β˜€οΈ God Skills

Added to the website class guides.

⏰ Play and Earn

  • Fixed some invisible items given by the “Play and Earn” system.
  • Items acquired by “Play and Earn” should be stacked now, taking less space on your item basket.

πŸ§ͺ Buff Potions

  • Buff Potions effects will be lost once you enter Sacred War maps.

πŸ—ƒοΈ Database

πŸŽ… The Christmas Event

The Christmas Event is gone.

πŸ“§ Invited and Earn

Invited and earn system fixed.

🌟 Quick Heal, Heal, Holy Cure and Life Bud Skills

  • Updated the skill to take into account the caster’s MATK and the target’s HP.
  • Quick Heal, Heal and Holy Cure base healing amount are now stronger.

🎢 Music Gaiyan Town

Gaiyan Town BGM fixed (both factions).


That’s it for these latest weeks. We will continue to work on other issues not mentioned here. You can see the progress on our development board.