Epic 3 – Frozen Flame is Now Live!

Hello heroes!

The latest update for Legend of Edda: Pegasus, Epic 3 – Frozen Flame is available now!

Some of the new stuff:

  • ⬆️Level Limit 50: Adventure reaches a new height, and glory awaits those who dare to ascend to this ultimate level.
  • 🔥 Raid: Prometheus: Gather your bravest allies to face this colossal threat.
  • ❄️ Dungeons: Sanctuary of Frozen Flame and Frozen Prison: These icy mazes challenges the courage of adventurers, presenting a myriad of intricate challenges and formidable enemies.
  • ⚔️ 3 Sacred War Level Ranges:  Fight for supremacy on specific battlefields for each level range: (1-19), (20-39) and (40-50).
  • 🏆Steam Achievements:  From epic triumphs to sublime challenges, each milestone achieved will be recognized and recorded for posterity.**
  • Play and Earn System: Each adventure is rewarded, providing players with unique benefits as they explore and conquer the vast world of Edda.**

Check out all the update contents on our special hot site!

** To be fully implemented in the next weeks.

Have fun!