🎃 Join Us for a Spooktacular Halloween in Edda!

Greetings, fearless heroes!

The winds of October are blowing, and the eerie whispers of Halloween are filling the air. Get ready for the most thrilling Halloween event of the year!

When: Oct 5th ~ Oct 31!

🧺New Item Mall Items

⬆️Bonus EXP, Drop and God Points!

  • During all the event period players will earn +5% more EXP, items and God Points from Sacred Wars!
  • On October 30th and 31st, this will increase to +10%!

🧰New Item: Halloween Box

ItemDrop Chance
Gold Boxes (100 / 500 / 1500 / 2500 Gold)13%
3x Weapon Upgrade Stone II10%
3x Armor Upgrade Stone II10%
30x Yellow Marble10%
1x Platinum Coin1.5%
Purple Bird Broom (30 Days)3.5%
Beauty Shop All-in-One Coupon2%
Black Wing0.5%

Drops from selected monsters (list below) with 10% chance.

🎃New Item: Pumpkin Piece

Drops from selected monsters (list below) with 25% chance.

🎃New Mount: Pumpkin Car (30 Days)

Bring 200x Pumpkin Pies to Mabel, the Crafter, in Gaiyan Town to create it!

💀Monsters Dropping Pumpkin Piece and Halloween Boxes

Frosty Wind Valey/Fringe Valley

Frozen Temple/Boreas Valley

Secret Passage/Riphean Labyrinth

Entrance of Trial/Riphean Ruins

Snow Mountain/Mount Haeum

Have fun, heroes! 👻

* All Pumpkin Pieces will be removed from the game on Nov. 1, 2023. All Pumpkin Car will be removed on Dec. 1, 2023.

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