🌟 Epic Upgrade Offer in Legend of Edda: Pegasus! 🌟

Adventurers of Edda, get ready! Today, June 6, 2024, is the day to strengthen your heroes and heroines with our celestial offer! ⚔️✨

For 24 magical hours, we’re granting a divine discount of 20% on all items in the Upgrade category. It’s the perfect chance to acquire that legendary item you’ve always desired or enhance your gear to face the challenges of the gods!

🛡️ What’s Included?

  • Downgrade Protection Gloves (10)
  • Downgrade Protection Glove
  • Upgrade Success Crystal (5%)
  • Upgrade Protection Gloves (10)
  • Upgrade Protection Gloves

And much more! Everything you need to stand out in the lands of Edda and earn eternal glory.

But remember, the gods will only grant this blessing until the end of the day!

🏹 Visit the in-game store and upgrade now! Don’t miss this unique chance to ascend to the Olympus of champions!