Join us for a Merry Christmas! 🎅

Greetings, fearless heroes!

The year is ending but, before the end arrives, Christmas comes to Edda! Get ready for this very festive and lovely Christmas that [GM] Midori prepared for the community!

When: Dec 1th ~ Dec 31!

🧺New Item Mall Items

New Mounts 🎅

🧰New Item: Christmas Box🎅

Drop ChanceQuantityItem
25%10xWeapon Upgrade Stone II
25%10xArmor Upgrade Stone II
15%20xHealth Potion V
5%5xSteel Ore
5%1xWind Powder
5%1x100000 Gold Box
5%1xAuto Loot (7 Day)
5%1xEXP Recovery Stone (5)
1%1xPlatinum Coin
1%1xEnchant Crystal
0.5%1xPurple Reindeer (30 Day)
0.2%1xWhite Wing (30 Day)

🔥Additional updates:

🆕BMG christmas music in Gaiyan Town (Olympians and Titans)

🆕All mounts purchased via cash are now 50% speed

🆕All mounts acquired via game/free/events have 30% speed

⚒️New Items on the Craft NPC

Use the new [Event] Piece of Christmas* item to craft various themed items!

Required QuantityItem Name
4000White Wing (30 Day)
2500Brown Reindeer (30 Day)
2500White Bear (30 Day)
600Christmas Hat (30 Day)**
200Christmas Box**

* Monsters dropping “[Event] Piece of Christmas”:

** Both items will be retired from the game on Feb, 1st, 2024.


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