🐻2024 Bear Event

Hello everyone! July, the sweetest month of the year, is here with the Bear Event! This annual event offers amazing prizes, so make the most of it!

The Bear Event will have rewards for the whole community, including individual prizes for top performers. Participate as much as you can and enjoy!

Some monsters in the game can drop honeycombs: Hunt Honeycomb and Dungeon Honeycomb. Exchange these for honey jars at the Bear NPC north of Gaiyan Town.

Store the honey jars in your inventory or storage. Hunt Honeycombs are found in regular maps, while Dungeon Honeycombs come from dungeon monsters.

📅 Event Period: July 1st to July 31st
🎁 Rewards Date:The first week of August
📊Website to track overall and individual scores. (link soon)

Collective Rewards

Individual Rewards

Note: The rewards: wings and mount are 60-day items.

How to collect Bear’s Honey Jar Hunt
and Bear’s Honey Jar Dungeon?

To obtain the precious jars, start by collecting honeycombs! Below are two tables: one lists monsters that drop Honeycomb Hunt, and the other lists those for Honeycomb Dungeon. Once you’ve gathered 100 honeycombs, head to the NPC Bear Crafter, located in the north of Gaiyan Town, to craft them into jars.

Monster List

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