Summary Of Updates – Week 5

Hello heroes!

Here’s a list with all the recent changes:

🌐 New Partial Translations

  • PT-BR translations are partially available in the new patch.
  • ES translations are partially available.
  • Multiple text fixes and updates (EN and ES).

🌿 Skill Changes

  • Multiple changes were made to skills in order to balance the classes in PvP.

🆙 Enchantments and Upgrading Items

  • We have adjusted the values for many enchantments and upgrading items, aiming to achieve better balance. However, this is just the beginning, there is still much to fine-tune. We hope everyone enjoys these changes.
  • Item Mall upgrade items prices reduced (almost by half).

🛒 The In-game Store

  • You can now buy from the in-game store (with Drachma) or directly from the web version as it used to be (choose what you prefer).

🎮 Steam Achievements

  • Steam achievements are back! Add your Steam profile URL. Steam has a limit of 100 achievements. So, only the most important you activate in-game will be activated on Steam. Achievements are activated on Steam every 30 minutes. Most of them still lack icons, we will include them soon.

📍 Dungeon Changes

  • Now dungeon equipment sets gives an XP bonus.
  • Fixed Dragon Cave chest.

💎 The God Merchant

  • Prices of raid items in the God Merchant increased.

🧤 Unidentifiable Accessories

  • Removed accessories that could not be identified.

🎨 New Launcher Design

  • We have a new launcher design. Please, report all the bugs you find.

🗺️ Silver Lake Map

  • Silver Lake crashes are fixed.

📊 New Upgrade Table

  • After reading all your feedback and having extensive discussions within the team, we conducted tests and created a new upgrade table. While it may not be perfect for everyone, we believe it is a significant improvement for all.

✅ Other Fixes

  • Fixed the set effect of Snow Dragon Pakeda items.

That’s it for these latest weeks. We will continue to work on other issues not mentioned here. You can see the progress on our development board.